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In order to gain admission into a chosen course at Oxford College of Education the student is required to apply online and submit the following supporting documents:
  • Complete Application on www.oxfordce.co.uk
  • Passport Copy (minimum validity 18 months)
  • 2 Colour Photos (attach with application)
  • Educational Certificates (in English)
  • English Qualifications or if English qualification is not available a placement screening test or interview set by Oxford College of Education (conducted via our authorised representative or directly by the Oxford College of Education)
  • Appropriate tuition fees to be paid as stated on initial offer letter along with any other deposit requirement for accommodation, Medical Insurance etc.


Admission Process:


In order to gain admission at Oxford College of Education the prospective student is required to complete and submit an online application form along with all the supporting documents stated above.


Once the Oxford College of Education has received your application along with all supporting documents, it will be passed on to the admissions department for processing. Where a student does not have English qualification submitted with application a placement test or telephone interview will be arranged and results of such tests added to your application. (If any supporting documents are missing the student will be asked to submit the missing document).


Once we have received a complete application and supporting document from the student, the admissions department will assess the application.


If the application is successful, the applicant will be sent an initial letter via email confirming that the Oxford College of Education is able to offer the student a place on the chosen course. The letter will also state the various payments that the student is required to make to the Oxford College of Education at this stage. This includes deposit towards course fees, accommodation and Medical Health Insurance. Please note that it is mandatory visa requirement that the student has a visa letter from Oxford College of Education along with Accommodation letter and Medical Health Insurance. (Please also note that if a student fails to obtain a student visa these deposits are refunded to the student less any administration charges as explained on the initial letter and in accordance with our refund policy. The accommodation and medical Insurance are arranged via third party and the student will be given the copy of the actual invoice.


Once the student has made the appropriate payments, the Oxford College of Education will issue a visa letter, student enrolment letter and also arrange accommodation letter and medical health insurance certificate in the student's name in accordance with the Visa requirement. The student will then be sent these documents via courier.


Once the student receives these documents, the student is required to apply for a student visa without delay and keep the Oxford College of Education updated of the status of application. (The visa application requirements and process are explained separately. Please refer to the guidelines provided and furthermore contact your local UK embassy or your representative for further information on preparing for visa application.)


Once you receive your student visa you are required to inform the Oxford College of Education your travel dates and report to the Oxford College of Education on arrival in order to complete all registration formalities. (Please note that your accommodation needs to be reconfirmed before your arrival and any requests for airport pick up need to made and confirmation received prior to travel. Please allow 3 working days prior to travel if airport pick up service is requested.)